Available courses

Course options covering 5 modules of learning

OPTION 1: Three Hour Program 

A 3 hour Zoom webinar combined with approximately 1 hour of pre-webinar preparation and approximately 3 hours of post-webinar activity to complete 5 modules of learning. 

OPTION 2: Five Session Program
A a series of five 40 minute Zoom webinars, plus approximately 30 minutes preparation and 20 minutes of post-webinar online activity per module. The program can be conducted over 5 webinars / modules over one week on 5 consecutive days, OR 1 per week over 5 weeks.

Further program information is provided in the participant handbook 

Here is a link to our program brochure. 

This exclusive knowledge library is made up of over 50 readings, lecture notes and articles that support the BlackCard training experience 
and take your knowledge further.

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Through BlackCards online learning portal we have developed 3 Core Modules. As you complete each module you will collect BlackCard Learning Badges.

Core Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Aboriginal Terms of Reference (ATR) 

Module 2: Time-Clock Presentation

Module 3: Intro to Colonialism and myth making

Read the Course Outline (download) and Enrol Now for only $225 + GST (90 days access).


Enrolment Guide and Course Outline